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Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive

In 1984, my mother made this advent calendar for myself and my siblings Shari, Jesse and Barbi. There was great debate over the ornaments as we added one each day in rotation and all had our favourites.  I recall discussion each year as to which ornament would top the tree – the star and the angel both in hot contention. I have the original calendar for my daughter and she loves it. In the months before our mother died my brother requested a replica. I was able to find the vintage pattern and she created a new calendar to keep the tradition alive in his home too. I know these calendars will be passed to future generations to mark the countdown to Christmas!

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We wish we could give clients their old lives back. Fortunately, we can do the next best thing: give them back the sense of security they had before their accident and help them rebuild their lives. This involves obtaining a fair monetary settlement and secure rehabilitation for an alternative future path in a reasonable amount of time.
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In The Community

The lawyers and staff of Velocity Injury Law can often be found out in the community. Whether we are volunteering for charitable organizations, serving as members of local boards, or participating in recreational and fundraising events, we enjoy being actively involved in and giving back to our community.

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